I talk on the wireless, write a column in the fancy colour magazine in the Sunday paper and fix people’s spines.

In my downtime, I enjoy travelling, eating Frosty Fruits, admiring vintage typewriters and drinking gin & tonics.

This blog is mostly about the travel bit.

I’m based in Perth, Western Australia which means that the rest of the world is a long way away.  Due to my cumbersome work commitments (which I love, naturally), I don’t get nearly enough time to travel.  And when I do, it tends to be in two to three week bites.  So my plan to see absolutely everything and experience every culture is going quite slowly.  But don’t worry.  I have an abundance of small notebooks that I have filled with musings and observations from some farflung places, and they, along with my future travels, are the basis for this blog

My wanderlust was fuelled by my mother with whom I pored over a big atlas for much of my childhood and I have been an absolute sucker for a travel doco for many years.  As many of you would know, when you’ve been bitten by the bug, there is no going back.

(That’s not a picture of me, by the way (in case there was any confusion).  I met this handsome fella in Borneo.  His name is Toby)

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  1. Off to a good start on your blog, I’ve been blogging for four months so quite new at it too. Good luck with your 12 by 12, sounds interesting

    • Thanks Chris – it’s great to get your feedback. I’m looking forward to the 12 in 12 challenge too, mainly because it’s going to push me to go outside my comfort zone due to limited time. Can’t wait!

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